Monday, October 25, 2010

first trip to doctors

When Lucas was 5 days old we went to the doctor for the very first time. I was scared to death of Lucas getting sick since the doctors office we went to only had one room for sick and well children. Luckily they got us back quick. Lucas slept the whole time till we had to take his clothes off to weight him. He had lost a little bit of weight. Went from 7 lbs. 12 oz to 7 lbs. 8 ounces. I wasn't worried considering most babies loose about a pound when coming home from the hospital, but the doctor wanted us to come back in a week to make sure he was gaining weight. Since we were having trouble breastfeeding I was scared we would have to do even more formula then we already were and then he wouldn't breastfeed at all. The doctor tried to convince me that formula was ok and some people just couldn't breastfeed. I was an emotional wreck. I wanted to breastfeed and it sounded like she was discouraging me to keep trying but I did anyways. After the doctor examined Lucas she handed him over and I cuddled him in a blanket...about 2 minutes later I felt really warm and wet...yes that's right the doctor didn't put his diaper on right and he peed all over me. The whole bottom of my shirt was soaked in urine!! It was definitely an experience!!!
As soon as we got home from the doctor I attempted once again to breastfeed and he finally latched on. But, it was the only time he would that day. I was very discouraged and crying about everyday. This went on for about a week till finally he started latching on like he had been doing it forever. I was so thankful for all the support from my mom, sister and even Marcus was encouraging me to keep trying! I knew what was best for my son and I am glad I got to experience it!

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