Thursday, September 9, 2010

Monkey's Monkey's Everywhere

So I have dropped..Little Lucas is sooooo low, I have to spread my legs to sit down so the belly has a place to go. How fun NOT!!! Working is becoming ridiculous and no one really understands. It is hard being on my feet, getting up and down from the chair and xraying people is getting harder and harder. The worst part is I am the only x-ray tech a lot of the times I am there, which really makes me mad. Why would you do that to someone? When you know they are huge and very pregnant and you make them the only xray tech. Luckily I have decided to start my maternity leave Oct. matter when I actually go into labor, I just can't deal with the work anymore!

I am getting so excited...the nursery is complete and now just waiting for my little baby boy to be born and join in the fun. We went a monkey theme. We were going to do teddy bears cause I thought it would be cute but couldn't find ANYTHING teddy bears. I found a bedding set that I liked a lot and it was monkeys and that was that. Our theme was changed! Everything in his room was homemade mostly by my mom (she's amazing) and a couple things by me! She wanted to make it her gift to little Lucas and I am sure he will love every bit of it. It makes his room extra special knowing grandma worked hard in making everything.
Our baby showers were amazing...I had lot of gifts and good friends and family to celebrate Lucas with. I am thankful for everyone who cared enough to celebrate with me!

Below are pictures of Lucas' nursery. I can't wait to have the little guy and show him around his new digs!!