Thursday, April 1, 2010

Second Trimester

11 weeks pregnant

12 weeks front view

12 weeks side view

13 weeks side view

So I have entered my second trimester and could not be happier. The nausea is gone and now I feel good for once, exhausted but good. My belly is getting huge and everyone loves to touch it, which I really don't mind it. I'm starting to feel the baby move a little here and there. Feels like little butterflies, but a little stronger I think. It's time to go back to the doctor and again nervousness takes over. The traffic was horrible, the parking situation is ridiculous and my husband decides to go crazy over my student loans in the waiting room, because I also have to pay the doctor money every month that covers my pregnancy. Even though we knew all along my insurance sucks leaving so much not covered and my student loans are just ridiculous and pretty much a waste of money cause i hate my job.

My name was finally called and again pee in a cup, step on the scale and then the blood pressure. Except this time it was really high. 150/70. Then after getting the horrible news of having high blood pressure the nurse tried to find the heartbeat and of coarse couldn't, which made me even more of a wreck. She had to lay me all the way down and finally there it me a little relief, the heartbeat was perfect! 155 beats per minute!
The doctor came in and was not happy with me at all. She told me if my blood pressure went up by 10 I would be put on bed rest. By this time I was balling in front of my doctor, how embarrassing. She put me on blood pressure medicine, told me to walk 2 miles a day and try to relax as much as possible. I was so upset by this. I can't be put on bed rest, my husband is leaving in a couple weeks to go to Virginia for 3 months. There was no way bed rest could possibly work in my situation.

The very next day I went to work and my supervisor decided that she was going to add a day pretty much to every week for so called training...I told her right away this was not happening. I couldn't do the extra work because I had to think about myself and my baby...and this training was not important enough to risk being put on bed rest! She took me off the schedule and left me working just 3 days a week, giving me a break from the madness at work because they won't hire more people.

The good news is my baby is still healthy and perfect and I just needed to be stress free and relax!