Sunday, May 30, 2010

20 weeks and loving the belly but hating the stretch marks

So I am now 20 weeks...HALF WAY THERE!!!! I cannot believe it that it is getting so close. I feel like yesterday I was telling everyone we were pregnant! Then finding out it was a boy...what a joy it was! I will never forget finding out that we were expecting a little boy!
Now the fun part has started...I feel little Lucas kicking inside now, he is getting bigger and stronger by the day. He can now respond to touch, and will sometimes kick my hand when I am rubbing or patting my stomach. I just can't keep my hands off of it! I love to rub it.
We have finally accomplished getting all the furniture out of the baby room, now just getting everything that is in there organized so that we can start filling it with the furniture I already picked out months ago!! Call me crazy all you want but when you are excited about something so special you just want everything done in one week...I know i have 4 more months to go but if they fly by like the other 5 did then I will never be ready for his arrival into this world!
The belly is getting HUGE!!! which means tons of stretch marks. I guess he is worth it though :) It just means no more bare belly pics and no more bikinis!! I hate the stretch marks and never thought it would happen to me but I got soooo big sooo fast that it was just destined!!
Marcus is getting more into feeling on my belly and talking to little Lucas and reading to him. I have also started letting Lucas listen to some mozart. It is supposed to help with brain development, but I guess we will see when he comes into this world.
June 7th is my next ultrasound...we get to spend a lot of time watching him on the tv...sad news is Marcus won't be there...he will be in Virginia but I have invited my mom and mother-in-law to join me and see Lucas for the first time themselves. I think they will enjoy it! I am thinking of recording the ultrasound so Marcus can see it but I don't even know if they will allow that! I guess we will see!

Well that is all for now...working on cute projects for his room, when I have them done I will post pics!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

18 weeks and loving every minute of it!

my view at 18 weeks

I cannot believe I am already 18 weeks. It is hard to believe that the time has flown this fast, I feel like I just found out yesterday! I have so much to do and am working on it little by little. I invested in a lot of arts and crafts stuff cause I love doing it for the baby room! I think it will be cute and special because mommy did it for her little Lucas!

Marcus leaves tomorrow and let me just say it is going to be hard, I know I will survive and I know it is for the best but still I need someone here to help me off this oversized couch! Plus it gets kind of lonely and no matter how much I talk to Wiggles she never talks back. Wiggles has been dealing with the pregnancy pretty good I think...she gets in trouble a lot because she is used to kicking me and me holding her like a baby and now I can't do any of that and there is no kicking my belly unless it is Lucas. I don't know if she hates, but I think she is a little jealous cause she loves being the baby of the family!

Last week Marcus and I kicked butt on the nursery. Since it used to be our office it was a lot to clean out. We have took apart and thrown away 2 bookshelves and my desk, cleaned out the walk in closet and threw away a bunch of stuff that we no longer need or use! Now all that is left is getting his desk out of the office, getting the coffee table that we put in there out, and his golf clubs and guitar.

So here is my list of things to do...

- get desk, coffee table, guitar and golf clubs out

- vacuum and clean the carpet

- finish all homemade decorations for room

- hang art

-order furniture

- put furniture together

- wash bedding and put it in the crib

- wash all clothes, towels and blankets

and that is just the nursery...I have a lot more to do for the rest of the apartment just to ensure that is the cleanest it can be and organized so I won't have to worry about a thing once my little prince gets here!

the beginning stages of getting the office cleaned out!

The gender test was right!!

So I should have wrote about this before I announced we were having a boy!! I had heard of the gender test, this little kit you get at stores that you pee in and it should turn either green for a boy or orange for a girl. Well I wanted to do it, even though it was 20 dollars I really thought it would be cool to see one it would be right and two if we were gonna have a boy!

So we got the kit one night and of course they want you to take it with the first morning pee....UGH!!!! So I waited till the next morning, but was kind of confused because I am up half the night peeing so which one would be considered my morning pee? I just decided to do with the last one I did when my husband got up to go to class. So I did the pee thing and you are supposed to wait 10 minutes so I did. When I went back it was green...which means we were supposed to have a boy and turns out it was right!!

It was a fun thing to do that got our minds wondering even more...I am just glad we got to schedule an early ultrasound so my husband would be able to be there to find out if it was a boy or girl. I think I would have been really upset if he wouldn't have been able to be there!


Learning to Diaper...

So since Marcus has only changed one diaper in his life, that being my nieces when she was a year old, I decided to use a sample diaper that we had gotten and a teddy bear that my friend Audra have given us and see if he knew the proper way to diaper...turns out he did, but the question is can he do it on a squirmy infant that curls their legs up the their belly?

I guess we will know in 5 months!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

ITS A..........

His profile..already looks like daddy!!

his little baby foot!!!!

His goods!! It's a BOY!!

May 13th was the big day...we finally find out BOY or GIRL!!!! I have thought all along boy but maybe it was because I have always wanted a little boy first. Everything boy I was always drawn to in the store so I just felt it was a sign. Everyone else had a different opinion. Marcus thought that since we wanted a boy so bad it was going to be a girl and a lot of friends and co-workers believed it was going to be a girl I think because they wanted it to be!

Went back to the doctor and knowing they were also going to check my blood pressure I tried to relax as much as possible. We went in the office, I signed in and was almost immediately called back. It was the same tech as last time so it was a little more comfortable. The first question that came out of her mouth was do you all have a preference, girl or boy...we both said boy at the same time. Now don't get me wrong I would have been happy with a girl as well but really wanted my boy!

Marcus was so nervous, he asked if there was a chance of us not being able to see anything and the tech explained that since the baby was so small there was a great chance of us not being able to see anything.

The jelly was poured on and the tech began, and there it was...the little gummy bear that has now turned into a baby!! We saw the little profile, the little feet...I was in love, I didn't care at this point if it was a girl or boy because I was in love with my baby! Then all of a sudden the tech says "there's his penis". We were both caught off guard! Marcus just went what? nah ugh. He was in shock and so was I...tears poured out of my eyes, I was so excited. Marcus had to get a closer look so he walked up to the tv and went "no shit". I couldn't help but laugh.

The tech tried her hardest to get really good pics for us but little Lucas was moving around so much that all the pics were blurred except for the one of his penis...he did a nice spread eagle for us to give us a nice view of his goods!! Everything was perfect with little Lucas, his heartbeat was 152 bpm and he was growing and growing, 9 ounces to be exact!

So after the ultrasound we went to a smaller waiting room and I tried to relax as much as possible, we met a really nice woman in there who was pregnant with her 3rd, she tried to help Marcus with deciphering the ultrasound but really he wasn't getting it! So I told him I would point everything out when we got home!

Finally we were called to see the blood pressure went down to 138/70, which turns out my doctor was ok with. She asked me if I was ok at work and after that she told me I was good to go. I left with a smile on my face. I was having a son, my blood pressure was down, and I have only gained 3 pounds.. GO ME!!!

IT'S A BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lucas Angelo Campoli