Sunday, October 24, 2010

Daddy time

Lucas is spoiled...the one thing I said I would never do is have the baby in bed with us...what i didn't realize when I said this was you will do ANYTHING to get some sleep. The only way Lucas will sleep is in bed with us. It makes it easier to just pick him up lay him in between my legs and change his diaper, and then feed him and lay him back down to sleep without ever leaving the bed!! Definitely helps when you are so sore that just moving one legs hurts!

We got into a routine where daddy would read to Lucas every night. It seemed after a couple days he was really into it. This is after a couple days of the routine. Lucas loves it when daddy reads to him. He loves it when daddy does anything...sing, read or just talk to him. He just stares at him like wow you're interesting!! ha. I guess he will be a daddy's boy after all!

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