Friday, October 22, 2010

First moments at home

We are finally home and ready to start our new lives as 3!! I cannot believe I brought my baby boy home. He is so small and sweet! When we walked in the door I just couldn't wait to get him out of his car seat and rock him in his own room in his rocking chair. I rocked him for about an hour. Just me and him cuddling and bonding!
It wasn't long till visitors started showing up and at first it was a little stressful. We were having trouble breastfeeding and I was in a lot of pain. I could barely move so the last thing I wanted was to be surrounded by people. I know everyone wanted to see the baby but since we just got home I just wanted to relax with my baby for a little while. But being the person I am I didn't say no.
My mom stayed at our apartment while i was in the hospital and stayed the night and that was a HUGE help! She had our apartment spotless when we walked in the door with Lucas. She also helped me a lot that first day because Marcus had a dinner he had to go to. It was wonderful having my mom there. She helped me with his first sponge bath (which he hated) and helped me around the apartment since I could barely move! I am glad she got that time with her new grandson too since she doesn't have much time to spare these days having 3 other grand kids that she watches on a daily bases!! So THANK YOU MOM!! I will never forget the generosity that you showed!!

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