Wednesday, October 6, 2010

38 weeks and ready to pop

SO I am now 38 weeks and more than ready to have this baby. I have been having sooo many braxton hicks contractions. I was put in the hospital cause i thought I was in labor. I was have contraction every 3-5 minutes and were pretty painful, plus my blood pressure was really high so they wanted to monitor that. It ended up being that I was dehydrated and just needed fluids...after 4 bags of IV fluid I was sent home the next morning and I was so exhausted. I couldn't really sleep in the hospital and they made me collect my urine for 24 hours which ended up being a huge mess. Getting up every couple minutes to pee and unhook all the monitors and drag the IV pole with me to the bathroom was a hassle. I ended up having to take it home and collect it and bring it back that night. The only problem with that was there was a UK game that night so traffic was a mess and it was very stressful getting to the hospital just to drop off some urine.
My husband was getting very upset over it all which I can understand but I was already upset cause I just wanted this baby out so him getting upset did not make anything better.
After finally dropping off the urine, we went home for a much needed nap!! I slept so great in my own bed and it was amazing! I forgot how great it was to sleep in my own bed, but after sleeping one night in the labor and delivery bed made my bed feel like a cloud!!

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