Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Proud Daddy

Daddy was very emotion when little Lucas was born. I don't think he knew he would react the way he did but he was so scared to even touch him at first. He was just balling his little eyes out which I loved. It was nice to see him cry. I think it really got to him when Lucas held his finger in the picture above. Already bonding and only minutes old. He admired his son while he was being worked on. I think he was in awe over his little boy! It was nice to have my sister there to capture all the moments!
Daddy was the lucky one who got to carry little Lucas to the nursery. Usually the baby would stay with the parents the whole time, he would get all his shots, and his first bath in the room with mom and dad but since Lucas had trouble breathing they took him to the nursery and told me i would see him later. I was disappointed, I didn't get to breastfeed right away, I didn't get to truly bond right away and when it was time to get my son they took their sweet time getting him to me. By the time he made it to the room he was too tired to try to nurse!

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