Thursday, February 11, 2010


So there I was taking a pregnancy test almost everyday hoping for those two pink lines, never thinking that it would actually happen. It seemed like eternity till the day it happened. TWO PINK LINES!!! That day I was so convinced that the pregnancy test was defaulted or it just wasn't going to happen. I did the test and left the room and went back to bed. Forgetting all about it I woke up and went back to the bathroom and there it was a faint pink line. I thought no this can't be, is it for real so I took another except this one I waited for and there is was again! I yelled for my husband and he could not believe it. I think he was in shock, he thought it would take a couple of tries!

After getting the positive test I didn't want to get my hopes up too much, but I couldn't help it. I mean come on I have been waiting for this my whole entire life. All I wanted was to have a child of my own. I have been caring for children pretty much my whole life, and had great bonds with most of them but I wanted to be the mother, the one who never left and was always the number one person. After jumping for joy I relaxed and decided I needed to do a blood test just to make sure everything was for sure...blood doesn't lie!! I went to work that night had another tech draw my blood...waiting on pens and needles the whole night, probably didn't get any sleep. I went into work the next morning and as soon as I got there I opened the computer and looked up my test results and there is was number 44!! I was officially pregnant!!

I called my husband right then and told him the great news!! We were going to be parents! Oh my gosh I was so happy, could not believe it had come true but it did!! First try...I think my husband was upset about that one ;)

We found out February 12th, 2010 that i was officially pregnant! What a great valentines day present that was!! We told my husbands parents first since it was their first grand child and that weekend we made a special trip to Louisville to tell my parents in person. I got my parents a card that said grandma and grandpa on the front. When my mom opened it she really thought she got the wrong card, my husband played along. I couldn't help but smile really big. My mom continued reading the card and saw it signed at the bottom Baby Campoli due October 24th, 2010! She was in shock cause I don't think she expected us to get pregnant any time soon. When my dad got up he read it and all he could do was laugh and say "you all are gonna kill me" considering this is the 3rd grandchild born within 2 years! haha.

It was a great time. I was only 4 weeks pregnant but I had to tell the world, and I did!