Monday, March 22, 2010

Our First OB Appt

So the day came March 22nd, that we finally got see the little gummy bear growing inside of me. Only 9 weeks pregnant I didn't know what i would actually see, didn't really know what to expect for the first appointment, but went in with butterflies. I signed in and sat down, nervous as can be but so excited, I could barely sit still. They finally call my name to go back for our very first ultrasound! I lay on the table and the nasty cold jelly was squirted on my lower abdomen. The tech pushed so hard, it wasn't very comfortable but that thought was easily forgotten when the baby popped up on the t.v. in front of me! There it was, there was the proof that i needed that the baby was really in there and was really growing.

The baby was only 3.08 cm long...can you believe that? Soooo little...but the baby was perfect. The heart rate was amazing to hear, 165 beats per minute! It was so fast but such a relief that the baby was perfect in every way. The tech did tell me that I was 10 weeks instead of 9, which is hard for me to believe considered I knew probably to the day I got pregnant but I will take her word for it, at least for now.

After the ultrasound I had to go back out to the waiting room and wait again for now the fun part with the doctor. Peeing in a cup, stepping on the horrid scale, and then the blood pressure. Mine was high but I know it was from being nervous and excited. 130/80 is high but not too high. After the nurse explained everything I can't do and can't eat I had to strip down and get ready for my first OB pap. Not really excited about this part but I got it over with. The doctor asked some questions and explained a couple of things and said come back in 4 weeks.

Then came more waiting, going down a floor for blood work...geez...this place was packed and I was done with waiting. I was soooo hungry and being in the nausea stage I was not very happy to be waiting so long! Finally, my name was called and I went back to have my 7 tubes drawn out of my arm. Now that I draw blood myself I know what to look for and when people are doing it wrong, and can I just tell you that this girl did it VERY wrong. She totally missed my vein and went in at the wrong angle and pretty much killed me the whole time. I was about to tell her to give me the damn needle and I will do it myself because she was just hurting me and not getting any blood! SERIOUSLY!!

After that I finally got to leave and go EAT!!! With ultrasound picture in my hand I called everyone to let them know baby Campoli was doing great, was perfect in every way and is now due Ocotober 19th (my brothers birthday) instead of October 24th.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Now Comes the Fun Part

So now I know I am officially pregnant and everyone knows the news, I am starting to really feel all the symptoms of early pregnancy. The one that everyone loves the most "morning sickness". But I really wouldn't consider mine morning sickness, just nausea 24/7. Oh how I hate the feeling of always needing to throw up and only feeling good when there is food being shoved into my mouth. I went to work everyday with a huge bag of snacks. Pretzels were probably the best snack there was. They kept me going most of the time. People offered me suggestions that had helped them through, jolly ranchers and other hard candy such as ginger that i could suck on to help with the nausea but nothing really worked. I guess my baby just needed tons of food to keep it calm. But, on the other hand I guess I was a little lucky, I didn't throw up as some people did. I still threw up and when I did that day was over for me. Throwing up just isn't my style I guess!

The good part of finally knowing and the days flying by was my little baby bump that everyone refers to as gas! At 5 weeks pregnant I was already developing a bump. I loved it even if it is gas. People called me plain fat and said I needed to lose weight and people called me crazy for already having a little bump but it was there and gas or not it was a part of my baby and being pregnant so I loved it!

Nobody really tells you the ugly side of pregnant...all you see is the cute little belly and the glowing of the skin but nobody really knows the behind the scene stuff of pregnancy, and trust me some of it is UGLY!! I won't go into detail but it can be ugly and uncomfortable and just plain horrifying!