Sunday, May 30, 2010

20 weeks and loving the belly but hating the stretch marks

So I am now 20 weeks...HALF WAY THERE!!!! I cannot believe it that it is getting so close. I feel like yesterday I was telling everyone we were pregnant! Then finding out it was a boy...what a joy it was! I will never forget finding out that we were expecting a little boy!
Now the fun part has started...I feel little Lucas kicking inside now, he is getting bigger and stronger by the day. He can now respond to touch, and will sometimes kick my hand when I am rubbing or patting my stomach. I just can't keep my hands off of it! I love to rub it.
We have finally accomplished getting all the furniture out of the baby room, now just getting everything that is in there organized so that we can start filling it with the furniture I already picked out months ago!! Call me crazy all you want but when you are excited about something so special you just want everything done in one week...I know i have 4 more months to go but if they fly by like the other 5 did then I will never be ready for his arrival into this world!
The belly is getting HUGE!!! which means tons of stretch marks. I guess he is worth it though :) It just means no more bare belly pics and no more bikinis!! I hate the stretch marks and never thought it would happen to me but I got soooo big sooo fast that it was just destined!!
Marcus is getting more into feeling on my belly and talking to little Lucas and reading to him. I have also started letting Lucas listen to some mozart. It is supposed to help with brain development, but I guess we will see when he comes into this world.
June 7th is my next ultrasound...we get to spend a lot of time watching him on the tv...sad news is Marcus won't be there...he will be in Virginia but I have invited my mom and mother-in-law to join me and see Lucas for the first time themselves. I think they will enjoy it! I am thinking of recording the ultrasound so Marcus can see it but I don't even know if they will allow that! I guess we will see!

Well that is all for now...working on cute projects for his room, when I have them done I will post pics!

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