Sunday, May 16, 2010

The gender test was right!!

So I should have wrote about this before I announced we were having a boy!! I had heard of the gender test, this little kit you get at stores that you pee in and it should turn either green for a boy or orange for a girl. Well I wanted to do it, even though it was 20 dollars I really thought it would be cool to see one it would be right and two if we were gonna have a boy!

So we got the kit one night and of course they want you to take it with the first morning pee....UGH!!!! So I waited till the next morning, but was kind of confused because I am up half the night peeing so which one would be considered my morning pee? I just decided to do with the last one I did when my husband got up to go to class. So I did the pee thing and you are supposed to wait 10 minutes so I did. When I went back it was green...which means we were supposed to have a boy and turns out it was right!!

It was a fun thing to do that got our minds wondering even more...I am just glad we got to schedule an early ultrasound so my husband would be able to be there to find out if it was a boy or girl. I think I would have been really upset if he wouldn't have been able to be there!


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