Thursday, May 13, 2010

ITS A..........

His profile..already looks like daddy!!

his little baby foot!!!!

His goods!! It's a BOY!!

May 13th was the big day...we finally find out BOY or GIRL!!!! I have thought all along boy but maybe it was because I have always wanted a little boy first. Everything boy I was always drawn to in the store so I just felt it was a sign. Everyone else had a different opinion. Marcus thought that since we wanted a boy so bad it was going to be a girl and a lot of friends and co-workers believed it was going to be a girl I think because they wanted it to be!

Went back to the doctor and knowing they were also going to check my blood pressure I tried to relax as much as possible. We went in the office, I signed in and was almost immediately called back. It was the same tech as last time so it was a little more comfortable. The first question that came out of her mouth was do you all have a preference, girl or boy...we both said boy at the same time. Now don't get me wrong I would have been happy with a girl as well but really wanted my boy!

Marcus was so nervous, he asked if there was a chance of us not being able to see anything and the tech explained that since the baby was so small there was a great chance of us not being able to see anything.

The jelly was poured on and the tech began, and there it was...the little gummy bear that has now turned into a baby!! We saw the little profile, the little feet...I was in love, I didn't care at this point if it was a girl or boy because I was in love with my baby! Then all of a sudden the tech says "there's his penis". We were both caught off guard! Marcus just went what? nah ugh. He was in shock and so was I...tears poured out of my eyes, I was so excited. Marcus had to get a closer look so he walked up to the tv and went "no shit". I couldn't help but laugh.

The tech tried her hardest to get really good pics for us but little Lucas was moving around so much that all the pics were blurred except for the one of his penis...he did a nice spread eagle for us to give us a nice view of his goods!! Everything was perfect with little Lucas, his heartbeat was 152 bpm and he was growing and growing, 9 ounces to be exact!

So after the ultrasound we went to a smaller waiting room and I tried to relax as much as possible, we met a really nice woman in there who was pregnant with her 3rd, she tried to help Marcus with deciphering the ultrasound but really he wasn't getting it! So I told him I would point everything out when we got home!

Finally we were called to see the blood pressure went down to 138/70, which turns out my doctor was ok with. She asked me if I was ok at work and after that she told me I was good to go. I left with a smile on my face. I was having a son, my blood pressure was down, and I have only gained 3 pounds.. GO ME!!!

IT'S A BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lucas Angelo Campoli

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