Sunday, May 16, 2010

18 weeks and loving every minute of it!

my view at 18 weeks

I cannot believe I am already 18 weeks. It is hard to believe that the time has flown this fast, I feel like I just found out yesterday! I have so much to do and am working on it little by little. I invested in a lot of arts and crafts stuff cause I love doing it for the baby room! I think it will be cute and special because mommy did it for her little Lucas!

Marcus leaves tomorrow and let me just say it is going to be hard, I know I will survive and I know it is for the best but still I need someone here to help me off this oversized couch! Plus it gets kind of lonely and no matter how much I talk to Wiggles she never talks back. Wiggles has been dealing with the pregnancy pretty good I think...she gets in trouble a lot because she is used to kicking me and me holding her like a baby and now I can't do any of that and there is no kicking my belly unless it is Lucas. I don't know if she hates, but I think she is a little jealous cause she loves being the baby of the family!

Last week Marcus and I kicked butt on the nursery. Since it used to be our office it was a lot to clean out. We have took apart and thrown away 2 bookshelves and my desk, cleaned out the walk in closet and threw away a bunch of stuff that we no longer need or use! Now all that is left is getting his desk out of the office, getting the coffee table that we put in there out, and his golf clubs and guitar.

So here is my list of things to do...

- get desk, coffee table, guitar and golf clubs out

- vacuum and clean the carpet

- finish all homemade decorations for room

- hang art

-order furniture

- put furniture together

- wash bedding and put it in the crib

- wash all clothes, towels and blankets

and that is just the nursery...I have a lot more to do for the rest of the apartment just to ensure that is the cleanest it can be and organized so I won't have to worry about a thing once my little prince gets here!

the beginning stages of getting the office cleaned out!

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