Friday, August 20, 2010

Getting big and dropping

So it is getting harder and harder to move around!! We decided to go to Pittsburgh to get away before I can't travel anymore! So this will be Lucas' first trip to Pittsburgh and I am sure many will follow. We love this city. It is amazing but LOTS of walking and let me just tell you that it is not fun walking around very pregnant and HUGE!!! But it was a lot of fun. We picked up a lot of things for Lucas (steelers, Penguins and Pirates) stuff so he will be ready when the time comes!!

The best part of going to Pittsburgh when you are this pregnant is the photos that you can get! The one above was taken by my hubby in front of the beautiful city. We can show this picture to Lucas when he gets older, and tell him great stories about the time we went to Pittsburgh with him still in mommy's belly! I am sure he will love it!

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