Saturday, November 6, 2010

First real bath!!

Yay the umbilical cord is gone...does anyone know how freakin annoying the umbilical cord it? Diapers don't fit right and it was starting to smell like sewage...who wants their baby to smell like sewage? NOT MEEEE!!!!
So today I gave him his first bath! He didn't really know what to think! His little eyes got so big and he was making the cutest little noise! But he didn't cry which I expected! He did so good for his first bath. Daddy wasn't home to see it so I made sure to take pictures! He is 2 weeks exactly!
This bath tub is a nice bathtub...I love the netting...makes it so much easier to ensure he doesn't fall into the water or go under! Plus it gives me the opportunity to take pictures :)

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